Tigernut fufu/swallow/flour

Tigernut fufu/swallow/flour

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🎊Are you on Low carb, gluten free or diabetic diet and need healthy Fiber meals to boost your metabolism? Look no further, Tigernut Swallow to the rescue. 

🎊Tiger nuts, are actually small, fibrous root vegetables (not nuts at all!) that originate from Africa and have been a large part of the human diet for thousands of years. Tiger nuts can be consumed raw, roasted, dried, ground into flour and baked or a hydrated into tiger nut milk or pressed into oil. Typically, the round tubers are dried before storing to prevent spoilage and are typically re-hydrated before consumption.

👇Tigernut Swallow

👉A great source of Resistant Starch, which is a prebiotic fiber that aids digestion and fuels our healthful probiotic bacteria.

👉Naturally gluten-free and grain-free.

👉 It improves digestion

👉 Boost your immune system.

👉 Reduce sugar levels

👉Tigernut swallow is good if you are looking for a low carb healthy alternative to pounded yam ,very good for weight watchers, people managing diabetes and hypertension, controlling your cholesterol levels.

Allergy Advice:

Packed in a seafood handling factory.